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Be The First In The Podium Project Beta Test (For Free)


Posted on 1:56 pm by Paul Colligan

We are about to launch the first 50 Podium Boxes in our Podium Project beta test. It will be a chance to test the “end user” experience of delivering high value content this way.

I know the tech works, it is now time to figure out how the end user responds to content being delivered via a little black box - as well as explore the hiccups along the way. It will be a fascinating ride - and I promise to keep everyone up to date along the way.

Two ways to get on the beta program - one of them won’t cost you a dime:

49 beta testers will pay a deposit fee to get a box and a pmp and test the service for about 45 days. If they like what they have, they can keep the box and get some additional content and service. We will be delivering more than $1,000 worth of content during that time frame - so it will be well worth the price ;-) For more information send a blank email to blackboxbeta@paulcolligan.com

1 beta tester will get their box for free by posting a blog post entitled “Why I Want In The Black Box Beta” and providing a link back to this post. They’ll even get their box before the 49 listed above do. This is a fun way to build a little buzz and hand out a wildcard beta test as well. Should be fun. Might even give away 2.

Let the games begin.

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above is a replication of a post

seemingly interesting enough for me

but right away, i see some possible problems


Why I Want In The Black Box Beta

is a title very problematic to me

It would have been better if it reads

Why I Want the Black Box Beta

or What I Want In The Black Box Beta

I don't know if it's MY problem or if it is a REAL problem.

But one BIG problem to be sure, is the fact that i do not know anything about this product/service/whatever.

So I begin to dig the web for this.

One thing I found was somewhat helpful:

The Podium product is a device that plugs into an Internet source via ethernet cable. It then registers with Casgle and delivers Podcasts through the device. It can connect to an iPod or other MP3 players that mount as a hard drive. It does not work on the Zune yet, they’re very interesting in talking to Microsoft about the opportunity.

OK, very interesting

Here's more:

Like the answering machine of old, the red light flashes when there is a Podcast waiting - and to put the content on your device, you simply dock your player. It charges and syncs. You don’t need to turn on a computer anywhere.

Heck, you don’t even have to have a computer. Yes, few people have a high speed Internet connection without a computer, but the founders of the company have had great success providing their Moms with Chinese media content they could not get any other way. Everything is set up through a Web interface.

A significant percentage of my audience will look at the product and laugh with a “I’d never use one” response.

To them I’d dare suggest this product isn’t for you.

To make things even simpler, i found very helpful graphics for dumb people:

Casgle patent-pending solution simplifies the management of the downloading of podcast content to portable media players. Casgle technology makes the realization of fully personalized media stations reality.

How it Works

Casgle's Content Management System

Base Station

OK, now i gathered enough substantial material regarding the elusive concept propounded by this illustrious product.

I can now start answering my formal reservations..

Still, I think it would have been better if it reads

Why I Want the Black Box Beta

or What I Want In The Black Box Beta

instead of the rather arcane and ambiguous question “Why I Want In The Black Box Beta”

For while it gives you the impression of someone wanting to get into the Black Box beta experience, it leaves the question open enough for other interpretations.

With these reservations laid bare, without further ado, I answer Why I Want In The Black Box Beta

This notorious Black Box , seems to me, has great potential as a Universal RSS Information Access Point

Though details are now fuzzy, I know, the great Vision of this product/service/whatever will be very clear to me once I experience its hopefully awesome power, and I will post a very interesting review of that experience

So, Paul Colligan whoever you are, if you find me interesting enough to give one of your Black Boxes for some nasty exploitation (errr.. Beta Test) just contact me as Seth Nimbosa in the Yahoo Universe and digg.com or as alias Darth.Serious on consumating and in Google's expanded and expanding universe, or do a search using either..

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