11 Things You Probably Don’t Understand About Your Friends Who Like To Be Alone


1. It’s (almost) never about you.

Sure, just like everyone else we need some space after a fight, but in general our disposition has nothing to do with you (so please, don’t take it personally). Sometimes it feels rude to be the kind of person who needs to “recharge” after hanging out with people, but fighting it only makes it worse. It’s just the way some people are. I recently read something great about working with your own unique personality instead of wishing it could be different, “Even if we try to conform to ideals and strive for perfection, we will always be pulled back to our core identity because it’s the path of least resistance for our souls – an energy force that wants nothing more than for us to honor and accept who we are and discover what we’re meant to do in the world.”

People who like to be alone can’t magically change just because they really like a friend or the person they are dating. They’ll always need a refuge inside themselves — but they’ll always come back to you when they’re ready.

2. Alone time doesn’t count if we’re not actually alone.

Texting and social media are great, but they can interrupt the limited alone time we have on a daily basis. If we’re texting others and in constant communication, when do we get the time we need to be quiet, to rest, to let our minds wander? Be aware of how often you check in.

3. We’re not bummed out if we aren’t making small talk, don’t tell us we need to cheer up.

Parties can be intimidating activities, we’re happy to come sometimes but we need to go at our own pace. This means we aren’t likely to jump in with both feet and be laughing and talking like the life of the party right away. We warm up person by person, that doesn’t mean we aren’t having a good time. In general, don’t worry about us, we know how to be responsible for our own feelings, we’ll figure out how to have a good time whether it’s having a nice, long conversation with one person in the corner, or dutifully making the rounds before escaping to something more our speed.

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WikiArt.org - the encyclopedia of painting January 06, 2015 at 10:36PM

The Fight between Carnival and Lent depicts a common festival held in the Southern Netherlands. On the left side of the painting there is an inn, and in the right side of the painting there is a church.


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Wrestling NR. 4 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.Normal people, normal...

Wrestling NR. 4 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

Normal people, normal body.

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Gabriel In The Dreamscape // Introduction from Eric Lerner on...

Gabriel In The Dreamscape // Introduction from Eric Lerner on Vimeo.

Gabriel is a cartoon character living in the real world.


This introduction showcases Gabriel’s world and some of my ideas of what is possible within it. If you are curious / excited about Gabriel and the potential of his world, you can help make future videos a reality by sharing this video; the more exposure it gets, the more it helps me convince the right people to invest in expanding Gab’s universe. Your support is really appreciated!

Also, if you have enjoyed the music, show your appreciation to the artists who created it by buying the track right here: gabrielinthedreamscape.bandcamp.com/



Directed and Animated by Eric Lerner



Music by Orel Tamuz & Tal Yogev

Sound mix by Yuvi Gerstein


Logo Design by Yotam Kellner

Additional 3D assistance by Noam Gelbart, Yonni Aroussi


Voice of Gabriel - Anthony Sardinha

Cathyral in music room - Liron Meshulam

Cathyral in dream sequence - Kesem Zaslavski


Thank you for watching.

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Bloom from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.Bloom is a story...

Bloom from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

Bloom is a story about taking risks. As the short film opens, we meet Isabella, an Argentinian girl arriving in the U.S. for the very first time to visit a long-time friend. Looking to escape the monotony of everyday life, Isabella finds herself in a remote West Coast mountain town armed with nothing but her luggage and scant understanding of the English language. Upon realizing her luggage was mixed up at the airport, she embarks on an unexpected journey with a stranger, one that flips her world upside down. Limited by language barriers, these two strangers must rely only on body language and facial expressions to convey even simple thoughts and ideas.


Directors: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb

Cast: Florencia Chiaramoni, James Mackay

Writer: Diego Contreras

Director Of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb

Producer: Brendan Cochrane

Production Company: NYLAHD

Co-Producers: Diego Contreras, Khalid Mohtaseb

Production Supervisor: James Parker

Location Managers: Fred Gee, Chris Langley

Location Supervisor: Manuel Ruiz

Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca

Editor: Alex Bohs

Edit Producer: Josh Greenberg, We Are Famous

Colorist: Aline Sinquin, The Mill

Color Assist: Elias Nousiopoulus, Ashley Ayarza

Color Producer: Kimberly Rivero

Sound Design and Mix: Defacto Sound

2nd Unit DP: Dan Stewart

Steadicam Operator: Mike Wilson

1st AC: Jared Knecht

Aerial Photography: Aerial Imagery Works

Gaffer: Dan Stewart

Prop Master: Madison Hatch

Production Assistant - Jessica Swopshire

Behind-the-scenes: David Gamboa

Location Sound: David Gamboa

Stylist: Saury Armenta

Hair/Makeup: Diana Solano

VFX: Cvlt Production, Tanguy Bodivit

VFX Producer: Chavvah Stuart

Additional VFX: Dan DiFelice

Additional Cast: Diana Solano, Tom Spinks, Cheryl Howerton

Music / Score:

"Arrival", original track by Nathan Matthew David.

"Lost and Found", "Steering Blind", "Wherever It Goes" original tracks by The Driftmob Orchestra. Courtesy of Soundproof Tracks.

"Perfect Vision", Courtesy of Soundproof Tracks.

"Crow: When Your Love Somebody" by Kool Head

Written by Brandon McMichael and Jason Nitti

Courtesy of Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.

Special Thanks:

Vimeo, Bullitt Branded, Red Digital Cinema, Glyph Production Technologies, California Stake Parks, and Hernany Perla.

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Lost Cubert from Lost Cubert on Vimeo.Cubert’s life is...

Lost Cubert from Lost Cubert on Vimeo.

Cubert’s life is determined by work. Endless repetitions of the same tasks, dull routines, a perfect construction of monotony. Suddenly he is wrenched out of his daily grind and is confronted with a seemingly inescapable system. His quest for an exit leads him deep into a labyrinth of monotony – and to the bounds of his sanity.

For more informations about festival screenings and the production process, please visit our Blog.


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4gifs: Cats are liquid


Cats are liquid

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Sliding Messaging Pro 8.60 Apk


Sliding Messaging Pro 8.60 Apk


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Creatives Unite

Creatives Unite:

The #Freifunk initiative


I am currently attending the annual Chaos Computer Club Congress 31C3. It’s all about current social and net related politics.

My perception of this event is the same one I had three years ago: I am torn between “OMFG how can these security breaches happen!” and “Wow! How does one have such a marvellous Idea? I would love to talk to everyone I know about this”. The sad thing is, that I mostly realize that the topics are very complex and that a visual presentation anyone can understand would be very helpful.

A very practical example is Freifunk. The Freifunk initiative is a grassroots movement. Commited people want to offer anonymous and free of charge internet access and have already started to adjust existing hard- and software for this purpose. these modified routers can connect to each other ina so-called mesh-network, without a provider asking for customer details. A router connecting to this network just has to have access to the internet so that every logged in usercan surf the net, chat or read e-mails; without any registration process or having to pay.

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Spirit2 Real FM Radio 4 AOSP 2014_12_16 Apk


Spirit2 Real FM Radio 4 AOSP 2014_12_16 Apk


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EQ PRO Music Player Equalizer 0.0.2 Apk


EQ PRO Music Player Equalizer 0.0.2 Apk


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