the de facto president

Gloria’s appeal to the intelligentsia and religious leaders to support her in efforts to weed out corruption and promote good governance is but a last ditch effort to trick all of us to give her another chance. She says one thing and does another. Gloria’s decision to scrap EO 464 now that the damage has already been done on our institutions is too late and too empty to be of any substance. The Supreme Court leaves only the principle of issuing EO-464 constitutional, but everything else is rubbish as it has already junked (much earlier) the constitutionality of all but two provisions of the controversial E.O. 464 which have been used in covering up for the Venable Contract, Hello Garci Scandal, Fertilizer Fund Scam, NorthRail Project and the NBN-ZTE deal. Even before the EO was scrapped, it was toothless and rendered inefficient so that other weapons are now used to achieve the same effect – invoking presidential immunity, the right against self-incrimination, and executive privilege – this is a clear indication of saying one thing yet doing another. Malinaw sa taong bayan na ang administrasyon ni Gloria ay sinisikil ang katotohanan at umiiwas sa pananagutan.

TAMA NA, SOBRA NA. Seven years, and nothing but saliva, Gloria’s moves are not part of a sincere struggle but a blatant hypocrisy that seeks to insult the intelligence of the Filipino people and disrespect our laws and the constitution itself, along with every principle of ethics and morality, in her administration’s quest for political survival and dominion over all that is left of the Philippines.

the de facto president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) has lost all sense of decency and consequently has lost any remaining respect of the Filipino People. She has repeatedly become the centerpiece of scams and scandals that represent the wide range of corruption and dishonesty she and her allies have ventured into. It is an understatement to say that the National Executive branch of the Philippine government has virtually become the exclusive enclave of Gloria and her allies, becoming in fact the Great Arroyo Mafia. (OR, the Great Mafia of the Arroyos, still GMA. Note that JdV was kicked out of this, thanks to the war-drum beat of the three Arroyos in the Lower House, confirming earlier suspicions of further consolidation of power with the election of 3 Arroyos and the explosive growth of ka-KAMPI.)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the Titular head of this mafia; while we now all know, like Renato de Villa has known way ahead of us, that Big Boy, Jose Pidal, the First Gentleman is its real boss. So in analysis we can surmise that there are two GMAs: one is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the sincere and hardworking populist president; the other is the Great Mafia of the Arroyos, the underground under-the-table system of alliances developed and aggressively pursued by the First Gentleman, his sons, brother Iggy, and their loyal servants like Abalos, Nograles, and you get the picture. The Great Mafia of the Arroyos is, of course, not complete without the backing and loans from crony capitalists, and the one we know most is Enrique Razon. Who knows how many more of this cabal of conspirators have turned against their own people for financial gain. What we know from erstwhile allies (Manay Gina de Venecia, and the Hyatt 10 like Dinky Soliman) is that the other GMA, the Mafia, has been in virtual control of the Office of the President since its survival of the Hello-Garci Electoral Fraud Scandal.


If the president stays, she will remain an object not of respect, but an object of national scorn and international shame for us!

The only way out is for the chief benefactors of the rigged 2004 elections to resign immediately and unconditionally, to prepare the way for a snap elections. All the mess done by the current regime has unconsciously dug its own grave and in its effort to cover-up, this grave has become deeper. Of course, Cha-Cha (or charter change) has always been the first aid kit of LAKAS since the Ramos regime. Its recipe has been perfected by JdV himself perhaps out of fervent hopes to become the First Prime Minister in this new Charter. But now this recipe has been stolen from him as GMA poises to transform herself into this new blended vastly reinforced top position. Sorry JdV, but you can’t make it right, probably (GMA hopes) the lord will grant this to her at the right time (after 2010).

Speaking of the lord, please be informed we do not pray to one and the same God. (Remember FG could be heard saying, “god bless!” in the hello-garci recordings.) While also monotheists, these corrupt elements obviously have one god but its name is Mammon, not Allah, Yahweh El Shaddai, or any other supreme deity, but Mammon. So the next time you hear Gloria saying she talked to god, you know which god hears her prayers.

SHE has excelled above all men in theft and perjury.

Her reward will be great in Mammon’s haven. Bahala na si lord sa kanya

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