FVR has already replied to this Open Letter

02 December at 08:11
via Facebook Notes
by Lila Shahani

" Thanks, all! Ryan, FVR wrote me back to say that he was "hurt" that I had gone public with my letter and that my opinion was very important to him. So I wrote back explaining why I felt I had to do so. I apologized again for having inadvertently hurt him while standing my ground on the questions I had raised, pointing out that he had not exactly answered them yet... After that, we wrote each other several more times to make peace and he eventually sent me a giant box of materials to read, which I am now going through.

In the meantime, he has decided not to make any endorsements until March of next year... He tends to believe that candidates "implode" if u just give them a little time, so I'm sure he's watching and waiting to see who will do what. Already there have been some minor implosions anyway... That said, obviously I would be much happier if he took a stance once and for all...

Feel free to re-post, Bart! "

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"Click here to see Clay Holden's huge (but very clear) .GIF of the Sigil. The outer ring of the Sigil contains 40 pairs of letters and numbers. These were presented in sequence to Dee and Kelly; in most cases, the presentation of the letter was preceded by a Latin phrase beginning with that letter. All the letters together were accounted as the greatest name of God."
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mistakes and disaster, SAD

“When man makes mistakes, they call it evil.
When God makes mistakes, they call it nature”.
That’s according to Jack Nicholson’s character in the 1987 film Witches of Eastwick. And when a typhoon struck down a huge tree in my neighborhood in Manila in the 1990’s, I uttered the same line to my landlord. He thought it was original. (I take it he never saw the movie).

So, were last month’s typhoons in the Philippines man’s or God’s mistakes? They had Pinoy names. What do you think?

Ondoy and Pepeng (internationally known Ketsana and Parma, respectively) were no God’s mistakes. They were ingredients for a perfect disaster.,

I was actually home in the Negros island, one of the middle islands (sounds like Lord of the Ring’s Middle Earth) of the Philippines when Ondoy made landfall on September 26, 2009, and we thought it was going to be just another typical typhoon: dark skies, heavy rains, a little flooding here and there. And that’s it. A few things would get wet, the flooding would go down, and the sun would be out the next day!

But we were wrong! Nobody – the people, the government, and not even the national weather bureau – got it right! And while we were getting the usual downpours in the south of the country, we didn’t know at that time, that people were already struggling to save themselves and their homes in certain parts of Manila and Luzon from the flash floods that even reached the second storey of their houses! And while everyone else was watching the breaking news on TV, we were actually watching a perfect disaster in the making.

And it was. A perfect disaster.

From the primitive weather forecasting equipment, to poor urban planning, poor and undisciplined garbage disposal, poor metropolitan drainage system. Let’s throw in corruption, relentless mining, illegal logging, carelessness and indifference. All these sound like man’s mistakes, and the two typhoons just completed the picture.

This is what we get when we run out of luck. Nature makes sure we don’t have all the fun.
Have we learned?

* * * * * *

On my flight back to Manila (from Negros), I asked for a window seat so that I can take photos of the flooded areas from above. Though not as dramatic as those photos of the floods in the news, I saw for myself the consequence of man’s mistakes. This was the worst flooding in Manila in 40 years. We cannot blame nature; we can only blame ourselves. And if we survived this disaster, the next Ondoy and Pepeng will make sure we don’t.

* * * * *

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." - Demosthenes


on top of Fedora_11 KDE flavour! AND, the presentation on Glora's 2004 cheating methods. A must-see! http://ping.fm/SZy6i

"The worst thing in this world, next to anarchy, is government."
--Henry Ward Beecher


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