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Creatives Unite:

The #Freifunk initiative


I am currently attending the annual Chaos Computer Club Congress 31C3. It’s all about current social and net related politics.

My perception of this event is the same one I had three years ago: I am torn between “OMFG how can these security breaches happen!” and “Wow! How does one have such a marvellous Idea? I would love to talk to everyone I know about this”. The sad thing is, that I mostly realize that the topics are very complex and that a visual presentation anyone can understand would be very helpful.

A very practical example is Freifunk. The Freifunk initiative is a grassroots movement. Commited people want to offer anonymous and free of charge internet access and have already started to adjust existing hard- and software for this purpose. these modified routers can connect to each other ina so-called mesh-network, without a provider asking for customer details. A router connecting to this network just has to have access to the internet so that every logged in usercan surf the net, chat or read e-mails; without any registration process or having to pay.

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