Scientiam Astrale Sinica per Natalis mea

Birth Date: September 15, 1984
Birth Hour: 20

Your Chinese Astrology Signs:

YearWood Rat
MonthWater Rooster
DayWater Rat
HourMetal Dog

Table of Contents
Section 1 --- General Information
Section 2 --- The Five Stages of Life
Concluding Remarks
Appendix: Chinese Astrology -- An Overview
Appendix: The Chinese Calendar

Section 2 --- The Five Stages of Life

The five stages of life are Birth, Youth, Maturation, Adulthood, and Retirement. These represent the time from conception to the beginning of formal education, the years of formal education (not including going back to school later in life), the period of full transition to adulthood, the mature stage of adulthood, and a person's later years. Before addressing how you fare in each of these periods, here is some general information on the Rat:

The Rat's carefree style and willingness to test the boundaries of their environment fit in perfect with childhood. These are thus likely to be happy and exciting times for you. Your likely propensity to take risks shouldn't get you into too much trouble, as your responsibilities are not that great at this stage of life.

You could find your middle years to be trying times. Life is not a game any more as it was in childhood. It is likely that you will experience some failures due to the relatively frequent risks you take. If you're an entrepreneur, bankruptcy is a definite possibility. A failed love affair is also more than a little likely.

In the end things usually turn out well for Rat-sign people. At least one of your schemes for making money should bear fruit and result in a comfortable life. Peace and happiness are yours if, during the years, you learn how to harness and channel your restless, mental activity into pursuits that bring you pleasure and relaxation.

In the following discussion you will often come across the term, chi. This concept is very important in Chinese thought. What you need to know is that it refers to your energy level or life force.


The first stage of life, includes the time beginning with your conception and lasting until you begin your formal education, that is, to about age five or six. Since you can't do a whole lot crawling around in your crib, some of the following comments pertain to your potential rather than what you might achieve at this time.

This is an extremely low chi period for you. You will find it difficult to take advantage of opportunities and to deal with problems. This makes for a rough start in life and could lead to slow development.

By the way, normal, strong and weak in this context refer to your chi. Think of chi as energy or life force. This can vary significantly throughout your life and has a major impact on your ability to achieve your goals at each stage.

Fire rules this stage, which is also under the influence of Recognition. Normally this suggests respect, if not renown, deriving from service to your community. Here it may portend the future. This is a very weak indicator, however, given an absence of Fire in your chart. Also, your sense of self worth is vulnerable and could be hurt if you are not given a lot of encouragement.

You should also know that elements in combination can be either constructive, as in this order: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, etc., or destructive, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood. Adjacent elements in the first list are favorable and those in the second unfavorable.

Your ruling element, Wood, is also the natural element for this stage of life. This is the most favorable possibility. Furthermore, this situation exists at each stage, thus ensuring you benefit from the various forces operating at different times in your life. It can more than make up for a low, element rating.

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