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How is Numerology Portrait calculated?

The ancient science of numerology offers insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to names and birth dates, calculating numerological values and then interpreting the results.

To calculate the values used in numerology, all digits of a number are first added together. If the outcome is a number with more than one digit, the resulting digits are added together again until they are reduced to a single digit. For example, the number 27 is reduced by adding 2 + 7 to get 9. The number 1974 is reduced by adding 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 to get 21; then 21 is further reduced by adding 2 + 1 to get 3. All numbers are reduced to single digits between 1 and 9 except the special master number 11, which is not reduced in numerological calculations.

Letters are first converted into numbers, which are then added together until they become a single digit. The letter A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc.; M = 13, which becomes 1 + 3 = 4. For example, the name Amy is equal to 1 + 4 + 7 = 12. 12 is then further reduced by adding 1 + 2 to get 3.

Your Numerology Portrait applies the results of several calculations to provide insight into the most important aspects of your personality. If you have a Y in your name, please consult the table for further information on how we treat that letter's dual nature as consonant and vowel.

Your soul number reveals your inner, private self, the underlying motivations that influence your decisions and actions, your subconscious desires and your most deeply ingrained attitudes. (It is determined by adding the values for the vowels in your full birth name.)

Your Numerology Portrait is based on the following calculations:

Is Y considered a consonant or a vowel?

- If your first name begins with Y, then Y will appear in the "first vowel" section of your portrait. All other sections of your portrait will treat that Y as a consonant.

- If a Y appears in any other position in your first, middle or last name, it will be considered a consonant if preceded by a vowel and vice versa.

Total for each letter:

  1      2       3      4      5     6      7      8     9
A=3 B=0  C=2  D=1  E=5  F=0  G=1  H=0  I=1
J=1  K=0  L=2  M=1  N=1  O=1  P=0  Q=0  R=3
S=0  T=0  U=0  V=0  W=1 X=0  Y=1  Z=1

Consonant Total: 1  (73)
Vowel Total: 5  (50)
Grand Total: 6  (123)
Date Total: 1  (37)
Missing Number(s) are: 2
First letter is L
First vowel is A

Your Soul Number is FIVE.

A deep inner restlessness and discontent with the status quo makes you seek out adventure, excitement, and the unconventional. You thrive on new ideas, change, travel, experimenting with new ways of doing things. Predictability and routine make you feel lifeless and unhappy so you must find a lifestyle that is varied enough to be mentally stimulating and challenging. Independent, freedom-loving, and easily bored, you have trouble making commitments and finishing projects. You often "move on" prematurely, whether in a personal relationship or in your work. You need to develop discipline and perseverance when you have an important goal.

You have many talents and need many outlets and avenues for their expression, but try to finish one thing before attempting the next.

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Your Destiny Number: Your future aims and life purpose

Your Career Number: Your talents and gifts

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