Frank Herbert's 'Dune'

Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’
glad to see someone taking Frank Herbert seriously, but hey, he’s not saying this is Utopia! and definitely NOT something we should aspire to become! if you could notice beyond the surface and beyond the obvious, it is a deliberate rant on what keeps us humans morally inept for thousands of years, and what might happen to us 10,000 from now if we continue to live with our WRONG assumptions,…
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DUNE and its prequels and sequels are essentially a critique of human civilization today and a writer’s creative extrapolation of what might happen into the future without our conscious and collective intervention..
AND as you might have noticed, it was deliberately poking fun at us, our WRONG assumptions and double standards, everything that has been wrong with us so far, it is all-encompassing, YES, but not as a blueprint of what Frank Herbert thinks MUST BE our galactic future, but a CRITIQUE of our own History so far, with these outlandish extrapolation far out into the future to highlight what we could sadly lead to if we continue on our path today (that’s 1960’s to 1980’s for our writer)
i understand where you two are coming from and you have raised legitimate social concerns here,
BUT PLEASE.. your scathing fortified criticism of Frank Herbert’s DUNE will be better directed at our own society today, which truly deserves it or even MORE SO.. or you can appeal to sci-fi writers of today to please paint a not so bleak scenario for our future
you must understand that Frank Herbert’s DUNE is a classic precisely because of the complex and nasty human issues you raised here, and i doubt he personally endorses the views of the characters of the novels, he has populated an entire Universe of them and it is hard to imagine that any of those views reflect the writer’s personal belief or code of conduct
i am writing this comment so as to contribute to a more balanced and fair literary assessment of the Dune Universe..
Thank you! this is a good article, and find myself laughing as i read this, nice points you raised here 😜

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