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Title: Under The Falling Skies


“So, Dean.” The king clears his throat, looking at the barbarian who’s eating a chicken’s leg and scratching his belly with a contented face.

“To end this conflict, I am offering you one of my daughters in marriage, so we can become allies and good friends. Choose whichever you want.” The king gestures to his three daughters, all maidens of rare beauty.

Dean belches loudly and pats his belly, causing loud laughter among his warriors. He takes a good look at the princesses, shifting his gaze from one to the other.

“I appreciate your offer, King Uldred, and I will accept it. Though I don’t want any of your daughters.” Dean grins widely.

The king frowns. “I don’t understand.”

“I want him.” Dean points at the young prince with his gnawed chicken’s leg. “I’ll have Castiel.”

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Dean’s and Castiel’s manips (click for a bigger version) are done by amazing Irensupernatural

Excerpt from chapter 33

As it turns out Dean is there, sitting at the table and looking a little bored as he spins a spoon in his hand. He flinches when the doors of the chamber close loudly and a slightly frowning Castiel walks in. 

“Oh, you came. Good,” Dean greets the prince. “I was beginning to think that you changed your mind and would not come.”

“And what if I did?” Castiel asks sharply. “Would you drag me out?” he blurts out before he has time to consider his words. 

To Dean’s honor he decides to ignore the icy cold tone in the prince’s voice. 

“You look good,” he decides to compliment Castiel’s appearance. 

The brunet squirms under the barbarian’s burning gaze, which seems to mentally undress him. The tip of Dean’s tongue flicks out, instinctively swiping over his bottom lip. Castiel feels how his face starts flushing and burning as his captor’s eyes begin to darken from unconcealed lust. 

“Did you call me just so I could stand in the middle of the hall while you undress me with your eyes?” Castiel inquires dryly.

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